Product Descriptions that Convince

Even if you have the best, innovative and exceptional product in hand, but if the description is sloppy, your product will not appeal your prospective customers. A perfectly written product description can easily sell down your product. Our writers craft your descriptions and develop a clear picture of your product in the mind of prospective customers.

Writers at Best Content Service have mastered the skill of creating concise, engaging and interesting product descriptions that paints a perfect picture of your products in the customer’s mind.

Our professional product description writers have mastered the art of creating beautiful, but concise imagery to paint the perfect picture of your products in semantics. Sure you can include an actual photo alongside – but when we’re done, you may not even need it.

An online product description should be such that it creates the same sense of awareness and desire about a product as a visit to a brick and mortar store would. Irrespective of which e-commerce platform your site is built on, your product descriptions play a key role in influencing buying behaviour, and delivering a seamless shopping experience.

However, product descriptions are not just about giving the potential buyers plain and bland information about the product; it is more about convincing them that your product is what they need.

Our skilled storytellers are adept at writing artful product descriptions that not just provide important information, but also generate energy and buzz that gets the potential buyers excited about the offering. Through our product description writing service we aim to deliver an exciting and heightened sensory experience in a way that reflects your brand identity.

Leverage the expertise of our handpicked product description writers and watch your sales coming in like clockwork. All too often, product descriptions seem like afterthoughts – words put together to accompany a photo because, well, you should have words, right?

We think otherwise. Yes, photos are also a must, but let’s be honest – that photo can’t tell the reader things like sizes, materials, or key selling points. For that, you need words.

Your product descriptions should complement your images, extending their value to provide additional information beyond that provided in the image. Think building materials, eco-friendly practices, measurements and dimensions, etc.

Of course including these facts in a way that makes for an exciting and interesting read is a bit more of a challenge … and that’s why we’re here.

Our product description writers create product descriptions that are:

  • SEO friendly and optimized using the latest SEO techniques.
  • 100 percent original.
  • Smartly written to capture the very essence of what you’re selling.
  • Written to not only describe, but sell